Top 3 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make when Creating a Website

Your business is growing and you need to have an online presence.  You look at what your options are and you’re not sure where to start.  Business owners turn to me all the time asking for advice and here are some mistakes that are commonly made:

1) Doing it Yourself

Many entrepreneurs want to save money by creating their website themselves.  Truth be told, it isn’t hard creating a website using current online tools and programs.  The problem is, your website is not going to look how you want it to and you are going to realize how limited you are with certain online programs.

“Easy” online creation tools make website creation an easier process by limiting your options.

The more your website is limited and generic, the more likely your clients won’t be able to search for your site through natural means (Google search).  The more creative, unique, valuable and informative your website is, the greater the chance that more people will find you.

Now-a-days, I use WordPress to make websites for my clients.  WordPress is very versatile yet has an easy to use user interface.  Though many claim you can create your own website using WordPress with little or no training in web development, it will take you hundreds of hours to learn how to do that exactly.

My point is, a better use of your time would be running your business, instead of trying to create your website.  Even if you do not use my website services, I highly recommend you use a professional web developer to get the website you need for your business.

I believe for the first time in history, entrepreneurship is now a viable career. –Eric Ries

2) Having Your Nephew Create it

I was the one in the family who understood computers, and many family members came to me to “fix” things.  As I got into website development, many family members and close friends came to me for website advice.  I didn’t feel comfortable doing the work for them, until I understood the full scope of modern website development, by working in the field.

Most WordPress tinkerers understand only the basic gist of WordPress however don’t understand the underlying technologies at work.  For example, WordPress is built on a server-side programming langue called PHP.  I am familiar with how to program in PHP as well as jQuery, Javascript and can also write code in HTML and CSS.  An understanding of these technologies as well as an understanding of MySQL for your database support, should be required for anyone who is creating WordPress websites for profit.

If you need a professional website, hire someone who has the qualified skill as well as verified customers to back up their work.  If not, your website will look like a mess.  If you want clients to take your company seriously hire a professional to do the work.

3) Bad Marketing

Bad marketing can turn any client away, in one click!  Don’t be forceful or deceptive with your marketing.  Some websites are more reliant on deceptive marketing practices then on actually giving you valuable, unique and reliable information. All it takes is one bad pop-up and that potential client is now gone!

Get your traffic to your website by posting updated, valuable content on regular basis.  Mainly this is done either by a blog or video on a website.  People love to read articles or watch videos when they are learning about something new online so give them valuable content they can use.

In my next blog article titled “Getting More Business by Giving: The New Internet Marketing Strategy,” I explicitly explain the new internet marketing model of “Give, Give, Give & Ask.”

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