Getting More Business by Giving: The New Internet Marketing Strategy

The rules have changed for marketing.  Getting your business up to speed with current trends is crucial for your company’s success; don’t be stuck in old out-dated ways of deception.

A Brief History on Internet Marketing

When the internet was new, people clicked on anything and everything because it was new and shinny!  Emails were opened 90% of the time and when the first pioneer marketers figured out how to get in your inbox, people made compulsive buys.  The internet boom was born.

Several years later, people started to get annoyed with all these marketer emails and email filters were invented leaving the marketers to trickier tactics to get you to find their products and services.  But a new giant was being born called the “Search Engine.”

People began searching for everything! Once marketers figured out people skipped over ad-links on search engine results pages, and clicked on the non-ad links, marketers started to wonder how they can get their businesses to the top spot of a search engine results page; and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was born!

After years of adding keywords and meta tags and embedding “SEO” content in every piece of every website, the search engine algorithms have now become almost too good to fool.

Give, Give, Give & Ask Model

So how do we get people to see our online content now? We are transitioning into a new era of marketing… the “Give, Give, Give & Ask” model* (originally invented by the leading social media marketer Gary Vaynerchuck).

If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.
Zig Ziglar

How does the “Give, Give, Give & Ask” model work?

Simple, you are an expert at your business.  You know a lot of information and you also know many people would deem the information you know as “valuable.”

Here is the new model: you are going to give them all the information you know about a specific subject that people would find interesting. Yes, all of it. Not a watered down version, not a “click here to find out more” version, you give them all of it!

For example, say you sold insurance, you can make a blog post about “3 Questions to Ask When Buying Insurance.”

Don’t focus on trying to lead your customers to your company.  They will smell the bad advertising a mile away.  Instead focus on giving your potential customers, unique and valuable information, that would help anyone, in their situation, buy good insurance (in this case).

I also recommend adding phrases like, “Even if you don’t buy from us, remember to ask…” to reassure you are not leading the person to your company but you are genuinely giving them “good advice” about your product or service.

The truth is, people now understand how marketers use smoke-and-mirrors and every other tactic in the book, to get their attention; and everyone is sick of these deceptive practices!

Instead, this direct, non-deceptive tactic will give your customers trust in you and your company.

If you regularly post helpful articles in a blog, people will come back to you because they trust you are not going to deceive them. Instead they know you are going to help them find a solution that’s best them or their company.

The “Ask”

You only “ask” for a person to buy your product or service once you have gained their trust.  If you “ask” deceptively, all that trust you have with your potential customer will be crushed.  Instead, ask or present your product or service directly, openly and honestly.

For example, if you are an insurance salesman you can say:

“Hi, my name is Jane and I sell [these specific types] of insurance.  If you need [any of these specific types of] insurance, don’t hesitate to call me. Here is my contact information. [Insert contact information here]”

Then go back to “giving” all your information away, on your website, blog, email, or internet video, to keep active communication and trust with your followers.  This “Give, Give, Give & Ask” model no-doubt is the new “Internet Marketing” model that only some marketers are beginning to understanding.

*Note: The “Give, Give, Give & Ask” model was originally invented by the leading social media marketer Gary Vaynerchuck and originally called “Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook” which he wrote a book about.

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