Is Your Website Bringing in New Customers?
Cory Keith - Web Developer

Hi, my name is Cory Keith and I’ve been building websites for individuals and businesses since 2009.

Many business owners are so driven to get their business online via a website, that they do not even care how many people are going to their sites.

Let us help you create digital solutions that bring paying clients to your business.

Digital Solutions

Here are a few solutions that I offer:

  • Create a fully optimized website for your business that will rank high on your customer’s search engine results page.
  • Find keywords for your business that your potential customers are already searching for, and integrating those keywords into your website.
  • Create fully optimized blog posts, and use these posts to attract attention and become an authority in your business field.
  • Create social media campaigns that will drive the right customers to your business.
  • Setup a way for your business to stay in touch and keep track of your subscribers.
  • Turn your current customers into advocates of your business.
  • Focus on the quality of clients instead of on the quantity of clients.
  • Schedule your free consultation today!
All WordPress services available! Contact me now to see how I can help your business grow!
Get More Internet Traffic

After studying traffic on various websites throughout the internet, I realized that most websites were not functioning like their owners would like them to.  In fact, most websites go for months, even years, without one real visitor. What this means is that they are paying for a service, that gives them zero new clients and helps no one! 

Why even have a website?!

Internet Research
Mobile Phone

So, how can website owners leverage the power of the internet to get new clients and create business?

The answer is website owners must use either Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, Social Media Optimization techniques or paid advertising or better yet, a combination of all three to bring in new clients to their business.

Now, I create more than just a website for my clients.  I create unique and valuable web experiences for my clients’ customers.  I consult business owners on what information needs to be on their site and what does not.  I help website owners generate search engine traffic to their website, and help business owners reach their ultimate goal of getting new online customers.

If you are interested in a website that is unique and valuable to your customers, contact me here and we’ll get started right away.

Social Experience

Launch Your Business

Earn credibility by having a professional & modern website for your business.

Save Money

Bringing in new customers through your website has never been easier.

SEO Content

We work with you directly to get only the most relevant SEO content on your website, enabling your website to be your own marketer!

Optimized For Speed

Our websites run 100% on SSD storage causing lightning fast loading times.

Responsive Designs

The most modern designs optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile display.

Loved By Many

Your customers will be able to obtain the most relevant and valuable information from your site, quickly and easily.

Get More Clients by Blogging!

The rules have changed for digital marketing!  Are you marketing your potential customers correctly? Are you using the correct internet marketing strategies for this day and age?

Read my blog article titled, Getting More Business by Giving: The New Internet Marketing Strategy,” which describes how you can use a blog or video in your website to keep your clients and customers informed about your new and updated products and services you offer.

Why Hire a Freelance Developer?

Simple Setup

Leave all the complexity to the professionals.  There is no need for you to waste your time building a website in today’s online world.

Quick Updates

We update your site as quick and as much as you need us to.  With the basic update package, you get weekly updates!

API Integration

Do you need to add Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel to your website?  We can integrate all sorts of API’s that can help you stay in touch with your clients.

Professional Look

There are many WordPress themes out there but not all are professional.  We use the most up to date modern themes so your company’s website stands out from the rest.

Time Saving

We understand the importance of your time.  Spend your time running your business not your website.

Elite Developers

We are using the most skilled and talented people to make your website look amazing.  Let our developers make your company look good!

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